"We may be Outcasted, but we are more than that. We are the new generations of truth."



Haritz is a young boy, pale skinned. His mark as an Outcast is at his left cheek.


Haritz also called "Ritz." Born in Kimsith and an Outcast, descendant of Marvok and his allies. Haritz is the third son of Harget and the younger brother of the deceased Hallen and Harst.

Haritz' mother died three days after his birth, as a result he was raised by his brothers. As a young boy he was taught by his brothers how to read runic words from his father's stolen books. At the age of ten, his brothers both died by natural causes. He lived on his own and eventually made name for himself as a hunter at his hometown.

He befriended two young boys and taught them the same culture taught to him by his brothers; Ark and Raine.

He also became intimate with an Outcast woman named Aryan.


His father went back when Haritz was fourteen. He told him of the death of his brothers, and both mourned for them. Later, Harget was bedridden because of an uncurable poison, after two years, Harget died. His last words ordered Haritz to continue his fathers dream to make a map of Talahaz and free the Outcast, Haritz hesitated.

After two days of mourning, he buried his father next to the grave of his brothers. That night, he remembered what his father said. "The secret on the floor." He noticed a secret compartment at his fathers' bed and took the box out of it. He discovered the Spear of Two Faces. Reminiscing his promise for his father, before he left with his fathers' horse Breem, his friends followed him and tried to stop his attempt, Aryan declaring her love for Ritz, but Haritz continued but promising Aryan to marry her after he comes back. He crossed the boarders of the Outcast without the fear of being hunted by Lohmi's Sons clanmen.

He arrived at a new region, amazed by the new surroundings. He sacked his spear with the fear of being robbed. He passed by a lone temple in a deserted part of the region, he witness a man being robbed. He fought the thieves and saved the man who reveals himself as Montrole, a highpriest, and he revealed that the bandits were from a clan called Leprest. Montrole invited Haritz for dinner, Haritz at first disagreed because he was afraid of getting caught, but later, agreed.

During dinner, Montrole deduced that Haritz was an Outcast, and Haritz though astonished revealed himself. Montrole suddenly praised Haritz revealing that once an Outcast saved the whole temple from destruction. It was later revealed as Harget, Haritzs' father.


Haritz has no formal education, but he can read Talahazian Letters. He learned to use the sword and spear from his brothers who were experienced hunters themselves.