"Promise me you'll be free, promise me we'll be all free... Promise me."

-Harget's last words.


He is described as a man in middle 30's and bulky build. His hair is colored brown, has a thick beard.


Harget is an Outcast who crossed the boarders of Kimsith region, he is a treasure hunter and a famous spelunker in Kimsith.

He wandered far north were he discovered secret caves. Sometime he came back to Kimsith to marry, he stayed there and gained fame taught his sons to use weapons, nicknamed "Breacher." After the pregnancy of his wife to his third son Haritz, he continued his dream to draw a map of Talahaz and free the Outcast.

Seven years he stayed at ____ region were he served as a merchant. Two years he migrated further north to Orga, where he became a workman. Later he was discovered by a Lohmis son clan men, he fought with them after they discovered he was an Outcast. Harget went back south, still hunted. He met his horse Breem at ____ and bought him for fifty silvers.

After three years of running away, region to region, he decided to come back home. Along the journey he was ambushed by his pursuers with two bandits from Valtor clan. He was poisoned by a spear thrown to him, he rest inside cave where he later discovered a secret room deep inside it. He unlocked the room and ended up taking an artifact the Two Faced spear.

He went back to Kimsith, to discover the tragic death of his family. He was depressed and became bedridden because of the uncurable poison.


Harget lies bedridden. He knew he will die soon, he left Haritz a request, to continue his dream of making a map of Talahaz and freeing Outcast from their "false" mentality. He also left Haritz his riches, Breem and his most precious discovery Two Faced spear.

He died at his bed.



Harget is an intellegent and crafty Outcast, who believes in himself. He can wield any type of weapon which he taught his sons. He can also read and write Talahazian letters and understand Tarpenian codes.