Adventurers Title



The first book of the Planned Quadrilogy. It takes place in the fourth age of Talahaz. The story revovles in the group of Adventurers, who inherited sacred weapons from the Heroes who freed Talahaz from the grasp of Marvok, an evil god. The book tells the adventures of Haritz and his group as the second generation of heroes who fought Marvok's sons and daughters.


Haritz and the SpearEdit

The story begin as Mishical was narrating the pinnacle of war against Marvok, he gives his speech to the union. He landed the last blow on Marvok as he utter his last words. Next, it opens up thousand years after the war. Harget, being chased by two Valtor clan men and a Lohmis' son clan men. He ends up losing his captors but ending up being poisoned by a spear shot to him by a Valtor. He spent his night on a cave. The next morning, he discovered the cave has an interior, he explored deeper revealing a secret room, where he finds the spear. He takes it home. Two years passed, Harget returns, but now bedridden, and his son alone takes care of him.