"Ahh, the legendary hidden kingdom of the spiders, believe me. They call us spiders, and them? They're human."



Amad was once a barren beach waste land, mountainous cliffs. Until the servant "Hoet," a spiderlike creature asked his master to plant seedling of sacred trees in that land, for them to have haven of trees, because Talahaz mostly is composed of plain. The gods pleased by his idea created a haven of trees. Thus the forests of Amad was born.

During the second age, a child from ___ clan ran inside the forest of Amad, she suddenly disappeared. The clans' leader tried to burn Amads' forest in revenge, but it ended up growing more trees.


Amad is located in the northernmost tip of Talahaz, being full of sacred trees, it is considered a sacred ground. The trees inside the forest secretes ice cold moist that prevent's it from drying. And because inhabitated by spider clans, it is now covered by cobwebs, that when caught in, can never get out.


Amadic ArenaEdit

The center of Amad is the only part with no growing trees, it was said that during the first age, a god fought with another. Now it is called Amadic Arena, where the spiders would fight for pride and honor.


Zilkamadan Otoruko ModaisaigandereamaEdit

The region's capital, the town of the royal spiders. The castle stands high covered by the trees. The Zilka Royal clan resides here. It is located in the middle of Hast province.


The cities in Amad are called Nest. The nests namely, Tum, Toku, Tor, Tar, and Hast. All located in different places in Amad, located deep the sacred forest of Amad.

  1. Tum, located northward, the city overlooking the shore, here resides the ___clan
  2. Toku, located in the west, near the mountains of ___, the clan ___ resides here
  3. Tor, the eastern part, the deepest and darkest forest, ____ clans' reign
  4. Tar, called the domain of the border clans, it is in the southern part, and entrance to Amad.
  5. Hast, here, Zilkamadam Otoru Modaisaigandereama, is located/


Other nest where lower clans reside. It is schattered, in the east of Hast, some in the south of Tum, few near Tar, for it is a dangerous place, often at war.


The main inhabitants of Amads are the Spider clans, in lore they are called the T-clans, spiderlike creatures. Often with many blacklit eyes. T-clans, hairy, and able to generate tough webs from their arms, are fierce creature who doesn't welcome well normal humans, calling them "Infidels."


The clans in Amad contains only T-clans. Some dominant clans are;

  1. Tokugo